to do vs must do

Your MUST-DO List!

We’ve all heard of and use to-do lists. They are a quick way to lay out what needs to get done, and they are most often used as daily reminders. They are a great way to get a full picture of all the items demanding your attention, allowing you to prioritize them for proper resolution.

If you are like me, when things get a bit overwhelming, preparing a to-do list can clear your mind and change your perspective. Proper prioritization has a way of doing that.

But what about your Must-Do list? What are the things that you absolutely MUST do if you are to achieve the goals you have, for 2016 and beyond?

If everything feels like a Must-Do item to you, then you’ve got some evaluating to do! If you make it through the year and complete all the things on your To-Do list, will your business be where you really want it to be? I suggest that the answer is no.

Some of your Must-Do items are things that are not absolutely necessary right now, but are critical building blocks for your future goals. You can put them off and the business won’t fail, no one dies, and there is no panic in the streets. Must-Dos are those things that your future success are dependent upon. If you don’t get them accomplished at the right time, you are simply postponing tomorrow’s goals in exchange for today’s.

Let me give you an example from my own business life. I have a goal of writing and publishing a book. This is not something that happens overnight. There is a lot to do in developing the concept, laying out the table of contents, and putting together the chapters. The reality is this: I can put this off indefinitely and no one would notice. It won’t have an immediate impact on my business, so it’s easy to prioritize this below more current tasks.

But it is on my MUST-DO list, for it is an important part of my strategic plan.

What are your Must-Dos, and are they getting your attention when they need to be?