Small Business Growth Alliance

No business goes it totally alone in their pursuit of growth. Every successful business has relationships with others in their community that help make things happen. Those relationships are often called allies, and they form a company’s small business growth alliance. These relationships include the obvious, such as vendors/suppliers who provide the products and services required to do business. Other key relationships that are necessary are accountants, bookkeepers, staffing agencies, insurance providers, and legal assistance.

Small Business Growth Alliance Creates Success

While these small business growth alliances can be viewed as ‘necessary evils’, they all contribute to making the business a successful one.

There are other business relationships that are equally important, and often more so. When it comes to generating leads and referrals, the professional and personal relationships with the right contacts can catapult the business forward. Your small business growth alliance plan will help you reach your goals, and beyond!

How I Help Small Business Growth Alliance

As a part of coaching my clients to greater success, I help them identify the ideal relationships they will need for their small business growth alliance plan.

This is a natural extension of identifying their ideal target customers, or which prospects they can best serve. Once they are zeroed in on their best prospects, we ask the question: who else is serving that market segment? Then we intentionally seek out and nurture relationships with those providers, to maximize referral opportunities.

These business relationships can lead to strategic alliances where both parties can benefit each other. Through joint marketing opportunities, working together to increase market penetration and increase value to the customer.

The right relationships lead to the best introductions and qualified referrals. Those relationships don’t happen overnight, and they take time to build. But the payoff can be extraordinary!