Self-Paced Business Coaching

Self-paced business coaching is for startup businesses, solopreneurs, and very small businesses. Those businesses need support, guidance and solid advice about how to achieve the growth they want to see. Much of the time that support is not within their reach due to limited cash flow. The best advice is not free, and watching available cash is an important discipline to master in a small business.

Self-Paced Business Coaching Products

TurningPoint Coaching addresses this significant need by packaging great advice and content into self-paced programs and products that can be purchase online at a fraction of the cost of a private coaching program. Built on the lessons learned from years of coaching private clients, these products are self-paced, allowing the entrepreneur the freedom to access the training and content on their schedule, and at a manageable cost.

The lessons that entrepreneurs must learn to reach their goals as a business owner are numerous. From sales and marketing, to understanding their financials, managing people, and managing supplier relationships, to planning for the future and planting seeds that will pay off down the road, the task is daunting.

Goal of self-paced business coaching

The goal for self-paced business coaching products is to help address these needs in a targeted way, offering these busy business owners access to expertise in a way that fits into their demanding schedule and limited resources.

This family of products and services includes video instruction, downloadable content, forms, tools and worksheets that are designed to help the business owner zero in on specific areas of need, improve their skills, and build a solid business based on principles and tactics that work.

Focus areas will include creating and updating business plans that keeps the team focused on what will get the results they want, learning to use financials properly so they can make better decisions and avoid cash crunches and manage resources, creating sales processes that create consistency in sales results , understanding the ideal target market to attract the best customers, creating a powerful networking introduction that has people wanting to know more, building a network of partners who will gladly refer business, among others.

 Always Innovating Our Self-Paced Business Coaching Products

TurningPoint will introduce new programs and resources on an ongoing basis, keeping fresh, high-value content available so business owners have the guidance they need, when they need it!