Running a Small Business

There are plenty of moving parts to running a small business. From marketing to customer acquisition (sales) to customer service, delivering the service or product, billing and collections, it’s quite the challenge orchestrating it all! For most business owners, getting the right help is crucial if they are going to succeed.

That’s where I come in!

Running a Small Business – How I Help

You may ask “So, Warren, how do you help?”

Great question!

As a business coach, my goal is to help my clients create the success they want for and from their business. That starts with clarity about what it is they actually want. Most business owners have an idea about where they are going, but they have nothing written down, no plan for getting there, and no accountability for taking action. They are busy running a small business.

I work together with the owner(s) to dream big and capture it on paper. That is a crucial first step, but it doesn’t stop there!

No plan is worth the paper it is written on without implementation. I encourage them to not only be intentional about their goals, but be focused about taking the actions necessary to reach their goals. The coaching relationship is about action, movement, and progress. All to often, business owners get distracted by the demands of the day-to-day, and fail to prioritize the future. The coaching relationship serves creates momentum, ensuring that the plan we work so hard on to create is actually implemented.

Accountability for Running a Small Business

Accountability is the missing element for most business owners. Running a small business keeps them very busy and occupied, and if they have no one to hold them accountable, some things may not get done. I keep my clients focused on what they ultimately want, and serve as the catalyst to make it happen.

What does this look like? Regular and consistent time together, working ON the business, instead of just IN it. We look at the business structure, the financials and the details of running the business, with an eye towards efficiency, repeatable processes that work better that before, all for the purpose of achieving the kind of business (and thus lifestyle) the owner wants.

This is the reality: you can create a business that will reach and win more customers, be more profitable and fun, and build something of lasting value for you and your family. Hiring TurningPoint greatly increases your chances of making that happen!