Private Business Coaching

Private Business Coaching for Maximum Results

Designed for those who are ready to make the commitment for real change in their business, my private coaching program includes dedicated time on a regular basis to dig deep into your goals for your business, make them real, measurable and accountable. We work closely together to create a solid plan based on where you want to take your business, identify what stands in the way, and the actions necessary to overcome them.

Private Business Coaching involves a 6-12 month commitment because real change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedicated time and effort to see the results you want!

Private Business Coaching Focus Areas

The areas we focus on include business strategic planning. This is so much more than just daydreaming about the possibilities. We get crystal-clear on what you really want for and from your business. We quantify it, make it real, and design the path to achieving it. Steven Covey said it best: “Start with the end in mind.” By defining the result first, then the steps necessary to get their, creates a clarity of action that can be the difference between success and failure for a business.

During our private business coaching, we also work together to analyze your financial results, identify ares of concern and opportunity, and you learn how to use your financials to improve your decision-making. The numbers your business generates tell a story about the health of your business, and I make sure you know how to listen to them! It’s about more than avoiding taxes, it’s about effectively managing the business over time.

I help you create a set of metrics for your business, so that you know what to focus on, when to make adjustments, and celebrate successes! Focusing on the proper metrics helps you keep your team zeroed in on the activities and measurements that really matter, and avoid watching things that won’t get you where you want to go. We create a scorecard of metrics, and look at it on a regular basis, so that you can be more effective as a leader for your team.

Private Business Coaching for Marketing & Sales Help

We create a marketing plan that targets your ideal customer. We identify areas of strength and weaknesses so you can capitalize on what you are naturally good at, and address those things that don’t come as easily.

We work on creating the necessary systems and processes that will support your growth plan. Systems run the business, but you run the systems!

Underlying all of these components is the crucial element of accountability. A great plan is only as good as its implementation, and I keep you on track! Why does this matter? It’s all to easy to get distracted and have your attention pulled to things that may not contribute to your ultimate goals. It’s my job to ask the tough questions, ensure that you answer them, and do the work that your plan calls for.

Private Business Coaching is not for the faint of heart. It is designed for those who are ready for change and ready to achieve. It takes commitment, prioritization, openness and vulnerability. But success is on the other side of commitment! We work together to create the business you really want!