Large-Business Coaching

Large businesses face some of the same challenges as smaller companies. They also have their own unique issues to deal with. Large-business coaching can help address those issues.

Large-Business Coaching and Increased Focus on Efficiency

Small inefficiencies can turn into big dollars as companies grow, if you don’t deal with them. A 1% change in your profit margin when you are the sole business owner may seem small, but when you have multiple owners and profits are being split, the role of efficiency in your business is elevated. The good news is, when you approach things properly, efficiency can lead to big gains as you scale your business.

The large-business coaching services I offer help you laser focus on that efficiency to grow your business.

Larger Management Team

Larger companies tend to have larger management teams, and while this means they have more skills and experience to draw on to solve problems, it can make decision making more complicated and time consuming. As you grow, it’s important to not lose the agility to react quickly to customers and changes in the business environment. With the right processes in place you can still be agile as you grow.

If your business is family-owned, this adds another layer of complexity to decision making and many management issues. It is hard for most people to be a boss to a family member and it is sometimes even tougher for some people whose sibling, parent or child is their boss. Statistics about the failure rates of family-owned businesses can be sobering, but with proper planning, you can be a success story instead of a sad statistic.

Greater Planning Needs

Planning is important to every business, but larger companies face different and more complex planning challenges than their smaller company counterparts. Large companies must focus on branding and other aspects of marketing more than ever because the value of your brand evolves and its value to the business grows. Another type of planning that takes on greater importance is succession planning. With more cooks in the kitchen, it is important to plan how things will be handled if any of the owners or key employees leaves the business. Succession planning is a key consideration for big companies.

Expansion is another key area that requires proper planning. Whether you plan to open more locations, hire more people, acquire another business or any combination of these, you had better plan for it or you will be shooting from the hip. It may be fun to watch comedians improvise, but improvisation is no way to run a business.

Large-business coaching can help you deal with larger management teams and greater planning needs.

Large-Business Coaching & Community Involvement

As companies grow, there may be higher expectations on the part of the communities in which they operate to give back. The role of the company as a good corporate citizen takes on more importance as the business grows and you need to be prepared to handle these demands. How much and how to contribute in a meaningful way is yet another challenge larger companies must consider, while still achieving your business goals. If you don’t establish a smart community involvement plan, your brand and business may suffer as a result.

Large-business coaching services I provide addresses the above issues so your business can continue to thrive and grow.