Group Business Coaching

One of the best ways for an owner of a growing business can improve their chances of ultimate success is to recognize that they are not alone. While all businesses are different and are at different places in their life cycle, there are common concerns, challenges and issues that we all face on the road to the kind of business we want to create. Connecting with other business owners to share ideas, ask probing questions, and hold each other accountable is a great environment for growth. A business can only be as good as the owner, so developing new skills, learning new ways of delivering value to the marketplace is crucial to long-term success.

Group business coaching combines the value of these key relationships with high-value, relevant and on-point guidance and instruction from an experienced Business Coach.

Group Business Coaching Makes a Difference

TurningPoint Coaching offers Group Business Coaching programs that allows a small business owner to not only get the training, counsel and advice they need but the opportunity to learn in a setting that encourages interaction with others in similar circumstances.

Our Group Business Coaching program is a 4-month series of monthly virtual meetings, combining a specific curriculum of topics, tools, worksheets and tips with open discussion and sharing among a small group of like-minded participants. The groups are intimate, with no more than 10 per group, allowing for great interaction and accountability between participants.

The Group Business Coaching Curriculum Includes:

-Building a simple business plan that works

-Understanding your target market and ideal customer

-Knowing your real value equation

-Creating a marketing plan that delivers the results you want

-Setting clear goals that are realistic, specific, and accountable

-Learning how to use your financial information for better decision-making

-Establishing a clear networking strategy, focusing on the business relationships you really need

-Developing a sales process that encourages consistency

-Learning how to delegate and let go for growth

-Creating systems that will support growth and keep you from exhaustion

And other related topics. Each topic includes tools, templates and documents that are designed for immediate use and simplicity. The life of a small business owner is a hectic one, so this program fits into your schedule, delivers the content and advice you need, holds you accountable for results! All with an investment level that fits your limited budget!

Ready to invest in yourself and the future of your business? Ready to see REAL results instead of just promises? Then Group Coaching is for you!