Improving Business Processes

Do Better, not just more!

The fast-paced, immediate satisfaction lifestyle we tend to lead these days is constantly telling us to get more, have more, do more. There is an endless stream of tools and apps that supposedly make us more efficient, help us to get more done in less time, and organize our lives.

I’m sure some of them do, and I’m sure some of you could tell me stories about how a particular tool has helped you. Excellent!

I would propose this: it’s not about doing more, it’s about doing and being better than we were. The road to success is not a straight line; it twists and turns just like life. We stumble, skin our knees, get back up, and give it another go. At least, that’s what entrepreneurs do, right?

Each hiccup, speed bump, and detour gives us valuable lessons, if we choose to pay attention and learn from them. The secret is continuous improvement. Sometimes this is small incremental changes that, taken separately, would hardly be worth the time to implement. While other times those lessons are life- and business-changing.

Either way, are you intentionally applying the lessons learned to your business?