Business Coaching

Here are some of the ways we can work together:


Private Business Coach in Concord, NC

Imagine having dedicated, focused time committed to catapulting your business to new heights. Better yet, imaging having that time with a coach, mentor, and partner who understands exactly what it takes to take your business to the next level and beyond, while creating a lifestyle of true freedom and flexibility.

There’s nothing I love more than the intimate, laser-focused time spent with my private business coaching clients in Concord, NC. This high-level commitment gives you the most individualized attention from me and quite frankly – I’m here to treat your business as my own.

This means I take exceptional care to give you the straight scoop — to teach you the most effective strategies and techniques that are going to get YOU the results you’re looking for.
I know what works, and I know what doesn’t. And I know the fastest ways to get there.
Private business coaching may be right for you if:

You want to step up and play big
You want personalized, one-on-one attention and mentoring
You want serious business coaching because you’re serious about your business
You are ready to invest in yourself and your future


Private Rapid Results VIP Day

Let’s spend an entire day together focused 100% on you and your business!

That’s right, we’ll spend the day mapping out the exact strategies you need to get more clients and make more money along with a customized plan to make it happen!

I’ll help you grow your business more quickly, free up more of your valuable time and show you how to take your income to the next level and beyond.

We start with a Strategy Session phone call so we can customize your day for maximum benefit.

About a week before your VIP Day we’ll have a 30 minute phone call where we’ll start your strategy planning. During this session we’ll talk about your business and customize the perfect agenda for what you need right now to catapult you forward.

Here are some of the areas we might work on during your VIP Day depending on what we discover during our Strategy Session:

Get a clear definition of your own definition of success for you and your business
Define the specifics of the business you’d like to grow
Create a set of powerful goals to jumpstart your progress
Dig into your financial results to identify key opportunities
Establish the critical success factors that are MUST HAVES for your goals to become a reality
Identify key processes you will need to streamline your operation
Create a clear set of next steps and create your Action Plan

A week or two after our VIP Day you and I will have a follow-up coaching session to share progress, go over any questions you may have and fine-tune your amazing plan.

My goal is for you to feel “unstoppable” after this special day.  Most importantly I want you to leave these sessions clear, energized, and excited by the possibilities ahead!


Measuring What Matters Group Coaching Program

A 5-week Group Coaching program that helps you create the business dashboard you need to successfully manage your growing business!

  • Get clarity on the role the right Business Dashboard plays in your long-term success
  • Create a set of powerful goals to jumpstart your business
  • Establish the critical success factors that are MUST HAVES for your goals to become a reality
  • Identify the RIGHT activities and results you need to measure on a regular basis
  • Build your own custom Business Dashboard showing the ongoing health of your business
  • Interact with other business owners in a small-group setting, for idea-sharing and networking on ways to reach higher and achieve more
  • Create a clear set of next steps