Jun 1, 2015

Your greatest obstacle may be….

As a business coach, I help businesses deal with the obstacles they face on the way to building the kind of business they want. Those roadblocks come in all shapes and sizes, from lack of capital to poor hiring practices, incomplete processes and scattered marketing.

Mar 4, 2014

1 Person Who Can Double Your Revenue in 12 Months

One of the great things about my business is that I get to meet some outstanding professionals who are passionate about making a difference. I am pleased to present a Guest Blog from one of those individuals, Jason Owens. Author of Finding My Voice: How.

Aug 27, 2013

Hire Slow, Fire Fast!

Staff is the greatest investment your business can have.  Finding and keeping good people who can help you reach your goals is an ongoing challenge for most businesses. There is no magic bullet to hiring, but if you do a little homework you can greatly.

Jul 16, 2013

Where Are You Now?

Putting together a plan for the success of your business takes effort, diligence and commitment. No argument there, I presume…. Where Are You Now In Business? This process focuses on the future, on what you want it to be. It is important to define what.

Jul 2, 2013

Planning Ahead vs. Going With The Flow

As business people we face an endless lineup of choices, forks in the road, decisions to make. How well we do at stringing together more good choices than bad will often dictate the outcome. With so much deciding to do, and so much at stake,.

Feb 6, 2013

Intentional or Reasonable?

I speak to  business owners about establishing plans for their future, and identifying the steps necessary to make those plans come to be. Our discussions often center on the obstacles that must be overcome along the way. The biggest obstacle we all face is ourselves..

Nov 5, 2012

3 Ways to Guarantee Failure

We all want to be successful, correct? While the meaning of success can mean many things to many people, the goal of success is a consistent one for most of us. Here are a few key things that can guarantee the very opposite result. Guarantee.