Business Development for Small Business

Business development for small business, or the activities that help create opportunities for increased sales and revenue growth, is often an overlooked discipline in the small business world. We are always looking to increase sales, but by stepping back and looking at the process that leads to sales, the business can identify and develop ways to increase the flow of new business opportunities.

For example, a pest control company can work with developers and builders to become the provider of choice for the homes, businesses and apartment complexes those developers create. This gets out ahead of the actual sale and creates opportunities for an exclusive arrangement and consistent flow of business over time.

Always be looking for new, different and better ways to market yourself, to capture market opportunities, and be creative in how you get your message out or deliver your product.

Business Development for Small Business – Unique Challenges

Business development for small business presents challenges that are uniquely different than larger, more established businesses. Throughout the growth cycle of a small enterprise, more often than not, sales growth means hiring and training more staff, developing new processes and procedures, implementing new systems that can handle greater capacity. It means reinventing the organization over and over again. With each new level of success, the capacity of the business to handle it gets stretched, and all too often can snap under the pressure. Believe it or not, you can grow too fast!

Overwhelming the infrastructure is like expecting a two-land country road to handle the traffic of a major interstate. Traffic jams are a killer, so you have to stay on top of your capacity. It often feels like you are redesigning the plane while it is in the air! But that’s the cost of growing a business into a successful larger enterprise.

Sales growth is exciting! Each new order, contract or purchase order means so much to a growing small business. But how about getting those sales in the first place?

Business Development for Small Business Success – How I Help

A small business needs an effective business development for small business sales process, one that stretches from identifying prospective customers all the way to picking up the check. This process needs to be repeatable, one that, if followed, can deliver fairly predictable results and reach your sales goals. You can grow your business with a wild-west style, ‘all hands on desk all the time’ mentality for a while, but eventually you will need to create something that can scale and can handle the increased business that you want.

I help my clients create and implement a business development for small business process to achieve their desired results.

While every sale is unique in its own way, there are common steps that are taken based on your particular product or service offerings. Taking the time to identify these steps, lay them out, analyze what works and doesn’t, enables to you implement improvements and make changes that will pave the way for the next level of success.

Small things done everyday are often more important than the big things done occasionally. Developing and following your own sales process creates a sales culture you can build on as your business grows.